Original Harley-Davidson furniture now available exclusively from Harley-Davidson Innsbruck

With the "Harley-Davidson Enthusiast Collection by Classic Leather" you can design your own furniture to match your individual tastes and equip your home or office with your passion for Harley Davidson. Harley Davidson and Classic Leather have teamed up to put together a superb collection of extraordinary leather products. Each piece of furniture can be supplied with a logo of your choice, leather colour and much, much more.

The mix of Harley-Davidson DNS and Classic Leather, America's oldest leather upholstery specialist produces a unique Harley-Davidson product, 100% hand-made in the USA, manufactured in Hickory, North Carolina. Each individual piece of furniture is manufactured from the highest quality materials by craftsmen with decades of experience in producing the finest leather furniture. The collection is solely offered by licensed Harley-Davidson dealerships and includes sofas, armchairs, motorised adjustable sofa components, cushions, chairs and desk chair.

This collection is as comfortable as it is cool - we would gladly advise you personally so as to be able to create your perfect seat!